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Aerobic Septic Contract. Please see contract page for easy download.

Section 10(C) of the On-Site Sewage Disposal Order for the counties of Hood, Somervell and Erath states that "On Going Maintenance conducted for On-Site Sewage Facilities shall be conducted by a valid Maintenance Company according to the 285(OSSF) On-Site Sewage Facilities rules."

A proper vetting of the company you are considering is the key to a lasting business relationship. Ultimately, your system is your responsibility.  Costly citations can and will be issued for non-compliance of state rules.  Be an informed consumer and do your homework.   

  • One day advance notice of an impending inspection visit provided upon request
  • If we find an issue during an inspections we will follow up with a courtesy call to the homeowner with the results -  Homeowner will also receive an inspection report via mail - It will be the homeowners responsibility to contact Coleman Aerobic to schedule a service call for any repairs needed  
  • Friendly, courteous, knowledgeable Providers and Techs
  • Techs have been background checked and are licensed by the State Of Texas 
  • Easy office access with 8 hour week day office staff ready to take your call
  • Weekend emergency service
  • After hours contract drop off box
  • Over-the-counter sales for our "do-it-yourself" customers
  • Certified and trained by the manufacturer of AquaSafe, AquaKlear, Clearstream, Hoot, CajunAire, Hydro-Action, Norweco, Aqua Safe, Delta, Southern and Mighty Mac

Aerobic Septic Installation

We pride ourselves on our clean, trouble-free installs: out-of-site, out-of-mind.  Don't let your system become your "number 1" problem.  Trust our team of experts to get the job done!
  • At length visit with Homeowner at perspective property to discuss his/her expectation and needs
  • Site Evaluation reviewed with Homeowner and agreed upon before work begins  
  • High standards with precise and meticulous work performed on all jobs 
  • Two year warranty
  • Two year contract

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